I Wanna Do Hoodrat Stuff with My Friends

2 Jun

If you haven’t seen this video, it’s must see youtube.

Did you watch it yet? Okay great. Now for the pop quiz. Exactly how many misdemeanors did this young man commit?

I love this video NOT because this boy put people’s lives in danger. Because he did, and that is terrible. I hope he was seriously punished, and that he learned his lesson. His Grandma looked like she meant business, so he’s probably peeling potatoes in military school by now. Or worse.

But the kid is seriously hilarious!  And in his naive honesty, he brings up a good point.

We all want to do hoodrat stuff with our friends.

Most of us are smart enough to not admit it, especially to the cops, but I guess hoodrat children are honest, principled people afterall.

Yes we all have a little mischief in us. Though my friends and I thought hoodrat was prank calling and doorbell ditching. Then we thought we were really hoodrat when we advanced to TP-ing and sidewalk chalking. We were hardly hardened criminals, but we did engage in a full on prank war with our friends, that probably would have never ended if we didn’t all move away and get lives. But at the age of 7, or 17, I never had the hoodrat itch to steal my g-mas car and parooze the town, running into parked cars and taking down mailboxes.

What I am getting at is this: there are plenty of hoodrat things to do that aren’t incredibly, insanely dangerous. In case you’re wondering what I mean by dangerous:

Dangerous:  Adj., Stealing your grandmother’s car at 7 years old, or at any age where you don’t have a Class C license, and hitting a bunch of parked cars.

He’s extremely lucky he hit parked cars and not parked people.

P.S. How does a 7 year old reach the gas pedal?!


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  1. Brooke July 24, 2010 at 8:22 pm #

    haha i love this video! especially when the grandma talks!!

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