How Do You Know When Boys Are Lying? But They Mostly Are.

28 Jun

Dear Losers,

How do you know when boys are lying? But they mostly are.

Angela, 16

Dear Reader,

I like that you asked a question and then took the liberty of answering it. Yes, they mostly are, so my job here is done. Next question?

No. It’s not true that boys are mostly liars. Liars come in all shapes, sizes and genders.

So don’t assume it’s just boys. Because when you do, you might adjust/lower your standards for boys. If you think, oh all guys lie, then you’re more likely to be okay with dating guys who lie, and more likely to continue dating a huge liar.

You think, boys will be boys, and boys will be liars and there is nothing I can do to avoid it. Then the next thing you know, you’re excusing yourself for dating a liar, and being asked to star in Maury’s “Secret Paternity Tests Revealed!” And you think what?! He might have a baby AND a baby mama? Oh well that’s cool, all boys lie. Plus, I get to meet Maury!!

Back to your question. There is obviously no litmus test I can give you to tell whether a guy is lying or not. Wouldn’t that be awesome though?

Hi, Johnny, can you just swab this on your inner cheek? Don’t worry about it, it’s nothing!

There is no such test. Even lie detector tests are unreliable. So this is where that judgment of yours comes in handy, assuming you have any. If Johnny Suspicious always has some crazy story about how he ended up in whatever outlandish situation, or with his lips locked to whatever girl (see: It was mouth to mouth resuscitation! She saved my life!) Well, then it’s probably safe to conclude he’s a liar.

And whether you can prove he’s lying or not, do you really want to be dating somebody that seems like a huge liar? Someone that is constantly making you second guess yourself? Someone that makes you feel uncomfortable, worried or insecure? Or someone who’s baby Mama is inviting you on Maury?!

Oh hell no.


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  1. Warren August 26, 2010 at 2:40 pm #

    Being a boy, I feel a little inclined to comment on this subject. I remember being in high school / college, and it’s not that boys lie to hurt your feelings (generally) when they’re that age. A lot of times, they are worried about hurting your feelings or they simply don’t have the courage to tell you how they really feel. So, instead they choose to lie about how they feel or what they want. This leads to girls being mislead and causing hurt feelings because the girls don’t quite understand why things didn’t work out or why he’s avoiding her.

    Honestly, I would get used to it. We’re just not that open about how we feel about things. That doesn’t really change much ever. When it comes to boys, trust your instincts. If you think he’s hiding something, he probably is. If a guy is lying about something that wouldn’t hurt your feelings one way or another, you should probably move on. If he’s not trustworthy, he’s probably not someone worth spending any time with. Loyalty is something that most men I know find very important. If he’s a liar, he can’t be trusted to be a good friend.

    The crappy thing about high school is that there really is no one to pick from. The guys that are “amazing” in high school are really just big fish in a small pond. They generally have an inflated self worth, which, for whatever reason, girls allow the guy to be a jerk because he is just “so dreamy.”

    Anyways, I just wanted to put a guys perspective on this.

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