I Can Do Anything Better Than Anyone!

27 Jul

I know, I know. This video is sooo last month Tosh.O, but it never gets old! It’s the perma-pick-me-up!

How awesome is this little girl?! She can do ANYTHING BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE! I’ll take ‘positive self image’ for $200.

She is a future Tony Robbins. Who needs a seminar when you’ve got this video? Look up ‘glass half full’ in the dictionary and you will see this girl’s picture with a caption: ‘see: glass overflowing’ (and/or ‘mania’).

I don’t know if she got an advanced copy of The Secret: for toddlers or her brain is just genetically wired for extreme optimism, but I’ll have whatever she’s having. Where did she learn to be an expert in positive self-talk before she lost her first incisor? Her attitude is a testament to her parents. They deserve a gold star and serious round of applause.

This video makes me want to jump up on the bathroom counter when I’m having a less than optimal day and sing my praises to the world…or the bathroom mirror. There’s nothing like a daily affirmation to get your day going. Schools should mandate showing this video like they mandate standardized testing. I LIKE MY TEACHERS! I LIKE MY CLASSES! I LIKE MY HOMEWORK!

I don’t know about you, but I’m bookmarking this video for a pick-me-up on future ‘bad days’…I’ll just have to make sure I’m home alone.


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  1. Don August 2, 2010 at 9:29 am #

    I do this ritual every other morning in my undies. It works!

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