What’s a good thing to wear on a first date?

5 Sep

Dear Losers,

What’s a good thing to wear on a first date?

-Sophie, 17

Dear Reader,

Fringe, fringe, and more fringe! Animal prints are going to be huge this season. Maybe some leopard print shoes or a croco-bag. You can never go wrong with a LBD (Little Black Dress). Pearls are always classic.

Oh sorry. Wrong blog.

I’m no Rachel Zoe, but I don’t think there’s a formula for first date chic. Go with your own style and dress how you normally dress. There’s no need to run out and buy the latest and greatest.

Here are a few tips to keep you looking and feeling fabulous on any first date:

  • Wear something you feel comfortable in. Not gym comfortable, but cute comfortable. So don’t wear those too tight jeans that leave you gasping for air, or the heels that cut up your feet. And if you’re not a heels kinda girl, a first date may not be the best place to try them out.

“But they look so good!”

I get it. And so do other things in your closet. So please pick clothes and shoes that aren’t a personal safety hazard. You have enough to worry about (ie: is there something in my teeth, is there something in his teeth etc) without worrying about somersaulting down the stairs.

  • Dress for the occasion/venue. You’re obviously going to dress differently if you’re going on a hike than if you’re going to his sister’s wedding.
  • If you’re worried about looking like you’re trying too hard, you’re probably not. You look good, you feel good. And the girls who look like they’re trying too hard aren’t usually the one’s who are sitting around worrying about it.



They’re too busy applying their prom makeup, body makeup, and fake eyelashes. And getting their nails done with the Chanel logo.

  • If you are still concerned, a lot of clothing is versatile. For example, if you’re a jeans and t shirts girl, and you’re worried about being too casual you can dress up your outfits with cute wedges, heels, or jewelry. If you’re a dress and heels girl and you’re worried about looking too fancy, you can dress things down with flats.

I'm sorry what?! No shoes, no shirt, no date.

Bottom line, always err on the side of looking nice. If he shows up looking like frumpytownUSA, that’s his problem. And if that’s the case, it’ll probably be your first and last date.

Last but not least, know that you care about what you’re wearing ten zillion times more than the guy does. I’ve never heard a boy say,

You know, I really liked her, but her outfit just wasn’t trend on.

And if a boy does say that, he doesn’t like girls. So it’s a win/win.

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