What Do You Think WhEn PeOpLe TeXt Or WrItE LiKe ThIs? Or whn dey be textiin hella ghetto?

24 Oct

Dear Losers,

What do you think WhEn PeOpLe TeXt Or WrItE LiKe ThIs. Or whn dey be textiin hella ghetto wiith too ii’s in vry wrd nd cnt spl. I hate it! How old are you? Use proper grammar!

Lacey, 17

Dear Reader,

I couldn’t agree more. We all started learning the English language at a young age. Granted we all make mistakes because English has tons of crazy rules, and exceptions to crazy rules. But the intentional misuse of language boggles my mind.

I remember in my 9th grade honors English class, when a friend passed a note to the next classroom. Unfortunately for her, my teacher intercepted it on the way back. She was so appalled at the misuse of language she read it aloud.

“Hey wut u up 2 tonite playa?”

And then she burst out laughing.

“I know no one in MY class wrote this!”

She continued to make fun of the person she believed to be in another class, who was actually sitting in our class. And this note writer happened to be extremely intelligent. If you are getting a 5 on your English AP, yet still spelling what as wut in your personal life, you have a problem.

Using bad grammar intentionally doesn’t make you look cool. It makes you look uneducated. Sure, we all make spelling and grammar errors. But why anyone wants to purposely look unintelligent mystifies me. (Even in that last sentence, the grammar police would tell me to never end a sentence with a preposition. The rules are overwhelming.)

But please try to follow the basic rules. Just try to spell correctly and form actual words. When you don’t, you make a terrible first impression. I can’t tell you how many guys have immediately put themselves in the deal breaker category by a) asking me out via text message in the first place, b) making themselves seem unintelligent in their texting, and c) adding emoticons with their uneducated texting! A triple threat and a major turnoff.

If your texts are caps, no caps, caps, abbreviation, no caps, caps, you clearly have too much time on your hands and that is not something you want to be advertising.

hEy gUrL/ gUY iM intrested in! I hAVe NoOoOoOoO life!! ;{) ——> (MaN wit mUsTachE!!$)

We have all received a text message or email that took a couple read-overs to really figure out what was being said. I think people are trying to abbreviate and get their point across in a succinct manner, but excessive abbreviations are more work for the writer and the reader! Now Reader Rita has to try to decipher what you’re trying to say like it’s the Da Vinci Code.

I wuz wundering if u’d want to go 2 dat new restnt wit me tonite?

Then you have to pull out your Text to English Dictionary for a night of tedious deciphering….

OhHhHhH! I was wondering if you’d like to go to that new restaurant with me tonight!

Too bad by the time you figured it out, the kitchen was closed.

This word salad you’ve created isn’t saving anyone time and it’s not becoming of you. Do you text your mother with that slang?! Unless you are learning English or new to the world of texting like my mom, you have no excuse.

Disclaimer: this is NOT my mother.

It also makes me laugh when people abbreviate short words. Like nvr (never) or nw (now). What? Leaving out ONE letter in an already THREE letter word??? Unless you are buying an ad in the newspaper you are not being charged per letter, so go ahead and splurge on the ‘o’.

It’s funny that we have spell check on everything, yet people purposely use bad grammar. The people at Scripps National Spelling Bee must be crying themselves to sleep at night.

Or if you’re my 9th grade English teacher, you’re laughing yourself to sleep at night.

“What spelled as wut?! Ahahahhahahaha! Certainly not one of MY students!”


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  1. rebecca July 28, 2012 at 8:38 pm #

    I hate how like. When u. Get a text message and they will be like gur! U muzz b kiddiing nah playa stup it. U 4rel like they spell wrong it’s sooo anoying. With that slang

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