Holy Halloween, I Don’t Have a Costume Yet! A Quick and Dirty Guide to a Quick and Classy Costume

30 Oct

I’m no stranger to procrastination. I’m even quoted in my high school yearbook as saying, “Procrastination is motivation.”

Genius. With a few more years on me, I’d update the quote and say  “Procrastination is panic. Oh and you’re an idiot, Megan.”

But anyway, no need to panic! A great costume is right around the corner. And so is that Halloween party that your crush is going to. So here are a few tips. Read on and get moving!

1. Get strategic.

This is no time to be debating between 12 different costumes, or driving around town ” just to see what’s out there.” You need to decide you’re going to be a Freudian Slip, a Cougar, or Matt Lauer and run with it. You can have a backup in case it’s difficult to find clothes for a certain costume, but please, no more than two costumes floating around in your Halloween Head.

2. Assess your built in accessories.

Yes, I’m talking about your hair color, ethnicity, buck teeth or braces. It is much easier to pull off  someone that has the same haircolor, or someone that just plain looks like you. I’m not trying to reinforce stereotypes, or tell you can’t be a girl if your a man, or a red head if you’re brunette. But if you look like Taylor Swift, maybe don’t try to be Mulan this year. You’re pressed for time, honey. Halloween started like yesterday. So unless you have hours to find the perfect wig, makeup, and Mulan DVD to get into character, stick to Taylor Swift and be an Asian princess next year.

3. Go to American Apparel.

I know, that is really specific. But I searched all over town for some basics for my Halloween costume, to no avail. I ended up at American Apparel and I found everything I needed in 5 minutes. You can peruse the Halloween stores for costume ideas, but avoid the nylon-spandex, ill-fitting costumes in a bag if you can.  They are expensive and the do- it- yourself version always looks better.


If you put together your own costume, you might even be able to re-wear it. I had a hipster themed birthday, and my American Apparel outfit was worth the money because I wear it all the time. To bed. But still, I wouldn’t wear an ill-fitting Wonder Woman costume to sleep. On second thought….pretty snazzy idea.

4. If all else fails, there are always weird hats and headbands.

Cat ears, jester hats, alien antennas- there are a plethora of options.  And hats and headbands are great because they are simple, yet they get the job done. You can wear jeans,  a college sweatshirt and bunny ears and no one is going to ask, ” So what ARE you???”

You’re a bunny. We get it. Mission Accomplished!

My own father pulled out a scary wolf hat yesterday for his Halloween costume. He said he chose it because it’s easy, and it doesn’t obstruct your view. If that’s not quick and classy, I don’t know what is.

Note: This is not my dad.

Yes, Halloween is one night you can take advantage of a crazy or unique idea and run with it. So run to the hills with it. Well, not all the way to the hills…it’s Halloween and there’s a lot of creeps out. So maybe just run in place with it. Or to the nearest American Apparel, or store  that sells scary wolf hats. Good luck!


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