Random Recommendation: Dreyer’s Girl Scouts Limited Edition Ice Cream!

30 Mar

As a former girl scout, I have had my share of girl scout cookies. (Your parents usually buy the most boxes.)

I still get giddy every girl scout cookie season. When I see my first box of samoas, I am like OMG WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE?!

As if I’ve never seen them before.

But I don’t know many girl scouts these days, and cookie season does not last forever, okay?

So imagine my glee when I found Dreyers girl scout ice cream in my grocery freezer!  I LOVE Dreyers. I used to live close to their old factory and go on field trips there. Jealous?? (Said like a mean girl)

Anyway apparently that factory is closed now. But at least there is still Girl Scout Cookie ice cream! Try it, it’s amazing.  Samoa is obviously my favorite, but the others are great too. It’s only available from Jan-April so get some soon!

On the Dreyers website you can see where they sell it in your area. That way you don’t have to yell, OMG WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE?!, like a crazy person too. You’ll just know.


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