Random Rec Wednesday: Proactiv, Your Complexion’s BFF

13 Apr

Another new edition to our weekly posts: Random Rec Wednesday. “Why Wednesday,” you ask? Because no day of the week starts with ‘R’. :/

No one escapes the wrath of acne. I have yet to find a person who has never gotten a zit. (I know someone who claims he’s never gotten a headache. But I claim he’s a liar.)

"I swear!"

Acne is a right of passage; and a pain. And it always pops up at the most inconvenient times. I got the biggest pimple I ever had a few days before a date.


But Ididn’t panic because I figured I could get rid of it in time.


I bought everything at the drugstore. I even tried home remedies like toothpaste . But my pimple didn’t budge.

Sigh. All I could do was cover it. But concealer wasn’t going to help this huge mass. I needed something that physically obscured my pimple from view.

So I parted my hair really far to the side to block my huge zit. I looked like Jessica Rabbit, but less sexy and with acne. But at least my pimple was out of sight?

A few days after my date, I tried Proactiv. It worked like a charm! FINALLY! It was the ONLY thing that got rid of that pimple. Why I waited so long to try it, I don’t know. But once I finally got my hands on the 3-step trifecta of face wash bliss, there was no looking back!

I told Tricia about it because I wanted to tell the whole world and she said,

“Yeah. I’ve never told you about Proactiv?” (insert attitude)


No. No you didn’t.

She had tried everything too, even going to the dermatologist. And she found Proactiv on her own, just like I did. So we hope to save you the time and trouble.

They even have Proactiv vending machines at the mall now, so you don’t have to be embarrassed, or wait for it in the mail. Just tell your friend your meeting them at Forever 21 and sneak in some Proactiv on the way.

"Yeah, Ill meet you there..."

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