Random Rec Wednesday: Extreme Couponing!

20 Apr

I know we just talked about a TV show on Monday, but…. okay I have no good excuse.

I love Extreme Couponing. And I don’t know why! It’s the same thing every episode.

Person gets coupons, person goes to store and fills 9 carts with complex carbs, person spends 2 hours checking out, person spends 2 cents and people in grocery store clap.

But every good show  needs a formula right?

Anyway, I love this show because it’s so fascinating. The couponers come from all walks of life. Some have been through rough financial times, some are concerned parents, some give to charity and okay a lot of them belong on Hoarders. But a show called Reasonable Couponing wouldn’t make for exciting TV, right?

They spend a large amount of their time couponing. I don’t even know how they go on vacation because they’d probably worry about missing  a sale on Apple Jax.

But these hoarders thrifty shoppers inspired me to start couponing. Because why not coupon?

Couponing was something I used to associate with soccer moms or people who only eat fast food. But recently I started thinking about all the coupons I get with my grocery receipt, on products I buy, or in my mail that I TOTALLY WASTE.

I’m  good about using promo codes I get in my email, but I’m not always good about using physical coupons. Why? Probably because my inbox is more searchable than my room. There is no gmail search for stuff in my apartment. Wouldn’t that be awesome though?

New Gmail feature! Search your inbox……….and your house!

Cook that up, Google!

Anyway, I realized that reasonable couponing just takes a dash of organization. Just clip coupons for stuff you need, and keep them in an envelope in your purse. What a concept!

As someone on the show said, Coupons are the money I shop with!

She makes a great point. If some weirdo handed you 2 bucks on the street you’d run around like you won the lotto, telling everyone,

Some weirdo handed me two bucks on the street!

So why not get excited when you see a coupon?

Coupons are money, people. Get excited. And watch Extreme Couponing Wednesdays 9/8c on TLC. It’s extremely worthwhile entertaining.

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