Help with Mr. Elusive!

22 Apr

Dear Losers,

So I’ve been hanging out with this guy and we went on a few dates.  I haven’t seen him in a couple weeks but he always responds to my texts. I thought we hit it off and I really like him. What should I do??


When I find myself liking a guy and asking my friends what should I do??? I usually realize the answer is:


I know. Bummer right? You want to fix the problem and figure out how to make him like you. But you can’t do that. It’s not like going on eHow and looking up how to buy vintage sunglasses. (Actual article – )

You can’t make him ask you out again. Well you can but I imagine it would involve illegal activity.

I would assume nothing serious is going on between you guys, at least for now. Yes, Mr. Elusive has been responsive as of late, but that’s not the same thing as him making effort. Yeah he hasn’t fallen off the face of the earth and he is politely responding to you, but he should be texting you and asking you to hang out. For any relationship to get off the ground, it takes two people making effort.

Let him come around if he wants to. Sometimes guys do and sometimes they don’t. And if they don’t, their loss.

Because when it comes to boys, if you are asking yourself What should I do? even before you are dating, it’s not a great sign. You really should only be asking yourself, what should I do??  if you messed up big time. You know, like if you threw a Charlie Sheen-like tantrum, or got caught installing spyware in his car, or ran over his PS2.

Sorry about your Playstation! Muhaha

Then you can be like, Oh S*%#! WHAT SHOULD I DO?????????????????

(I’m assuming you haven’t committed any of these infractions).

And I totally understand the feeling of what should I do? How can I fix this? I have definitely had that pestering feeling when I like a guy and he’s being hot and cold, or cold and cold. Maybe that can be a new Katy Perry song?

I digress.

If he doesn’t come around,  it doesn’t mean its personal. Or that he’s a jerk. Maybe he’s not looking for a girlfriend. If you are looking for a relationship and he isn’t, than the two of you are automatically on different pages. And then how are you supposed to read this love story together?!


I wouldn’t invest your efforts chasing after this guy, or wondering what’s going on. Because when’s something IS going on, you’ll know. Find a boy that makes effort to hang out with you. And when you stop texting Mr. Elusive, he will notice. And as boys do, he will probably start texting you. Just don’t get too invested until someone shows they are invested in you too!


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  1. Ka;yla April 26, 2011 at 1:12 pm #

    love the guy tell him you love him

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