Motivating Monday: Adventure!

2 May

We subscribe to this email service called Notes From The Universe, which sends you an inspiring email everyday. It sounds so cheesy, but it is amazing. As my roommate said, “I go through all my emails every morning and save it for last because I  know it’s going to be so good!”

I highly recommend signing up for the free emails at Like me, you’ll start saving the good ones. I’m sure I’ll share more, but here is one of my faves.

Without challenge, Megan, adventure is impossible.

The Universe

It’s so true, right? We all love adventures, and a lot of us want our life to be one, yet we complain when it isn’t all fun and games.

But NO adventure is all fun and games, or a relaxing walk in the park. Not any that I can think of anyway. Imagine a movie about a walk in the park.


Yeah, it would be insanely boring and that’s why they’ve never made one. (Don’t quote me on that.)

You are never going to say, Hey let’s see that new Transformers sequel, A Walk in the Park! I hear it’s awesome!


Or think about the Indiana Jones films. Okay fine I’ve never seen one, so think about the ride at Disneyland because I have been on that. It wouldn’t be fun or an adventure if a gigantic snake didn’t breath fire into your face, or if you didn’t ride across a suspension bridge and worry about dying in the hot molten lava.

Or what about Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. It wouldn’t be fun without the constant threat of whiplash, would it?

What I am saying is, we seem to enjoy adventures when they aren’t ours. When they are a ride or a movie or someone else’s memoir, then we are like, this is awesome! It’s so entertaining! They went through so much rejection, so many challenges, so many weird suspension bridges, but they persevered! What an amazing story!

But when the story is ours we are like,

Ugh, this adventure blows! I can’t handle anymore freaking lava!! I want to cry in bed and eat gummy bears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Or maybe that’s just me….)

Yes challenges can suck. You shouldn’t  invite chaos into your life, or purposely make stupid or dangerous decisions.  But realize those challenges and hot molten lava are part of your superhero adventure.

Without them, your story will just be a super lame walk in the park. (Hopefully starring Megan Fox.)

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