Motivating Monday: Clumsy Ninjas!

23 May

Have you guys seen this video? It’s one of my favorites.

I watch it over and over on a bad day and laugh, probably because I am a terrible human being, but also because I have been there. I love fall videos because I am extremely clumsy too. Some highlights from my performance career:

I have toe touched so high and with such enthusiasm, that I kicked a friend in the chin. (There were sound effects)

I have fueted with such passion, I kicked a teammate in the stomach. (There were sound effects)

I have projectile vomited on teammates as I jazz walked offstage. (Which prompted a 15 minute intermission because they had to clean up.)

I have danced backwards off a platform and fallen onto the football field while cheering at a HS football game. (I didn’t think anyone would notice until I heard 400 people gasp. And then laugh.)

I could go on, but the point would be the same. I have embarrassed myself a LOT, but I’ve  lived to laugh about it. And you will too.

At some point, you’re going to fall on your face. Literally. And in front of people.

Yup, that's Beyonce.

But what matters is if you go viral on youtube. I mean, if you pick yourself back up.

I love this video because this ninja was so cocky going into his standing back tuck, but he fell flat on his face and just got up and kept swinging his nun chucks anyway.

That’s awesome. So if you fall down, don’t stay down. Walk it off, laugh it off, and swing those nunchucks.

(And hope for a Tosh.O web redemption.)–web-redemption


2 Responses to “Motivating Monday: Clumsy Ninjas!”

  1. Jacquie Lester May 23, 2011 at 10:07 pm #

    Megan this column is so the Lester family. I broke my foot at work playing basketball with the children. I will never live that down the children say be careful we don’t want you to brake your foot.

  2. Stop Being a Loser May 30, 2011 at 5:08 pm #

    I know, right? We are so clumsy! Remember when grandma banged you in the eye with a pan (on accident) and you had to go to the emergency room? haha thanks for reading Jacquie!!

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