Random Rec Wednesday: Nordstrom

1 Jun

*Disclaimer: Maybe I’m slightly biased because I used to work for them, but even after all these years Nordstrom still rocks my world.

Allow me to tell my latest and greatest Nordstrom tale:

Once upon a time…(okay it was this past February) I was running late, but stopped at Nordstrom to pick up some concealer. As I rushed to the cosmetics department I bee-lined  past women’s shoes so I wouldn’t be tempted to stop.  I vowed I would look straight ahead and focus on the task at hand. That’s when my peripheral vision caught a glimpse of the most beautiful red shoe I have ever seen. I had to look. It was love at first sight.

Seriously how pretty is this shoe?!

Because shoes are my crack I stopped. I had to have these shoes. And, they were on sale!! But they didn’t have my size. I was devastated, but I wasn’t surprised because I have miniature feet. (I can still shop in the kids shoe section, but velcro shoes aren’t for every girl in her twenties. Yes, I have velcro shoes. They light up, too. Be jealous.)

From lemonadecouture.com

Many other retailers would say ‘Oh darn, we don’t have your size. Sucks for you, but have a nice day! ‘  But not Nordstrom. My shoe boy took down my information and assured me he would try to find me a pair. He was sincere about it.

Cut to: Four months later and still no shoes. =(  I stalked these shoes online almost every day from February to May with no luck. To make it worse, I talked these shoes up so much that two of my friends fell in love with them too and bought them in normal people sizes. One hesitantly asked me, ‘I know they don’t have them in your size, but do you mind if I get them?’

My shoe boy stayed true to his promise and kept me posted when he got leads on my miniature red shoe, but each time my hopes were crushed. He even contacted the Nordstrom buyers with my shoe story to see if they could pull some strings. And they did! They found me a pair but it arrived at my Nordstrom when shoe boy wasn’t there and someone else sold it unknowingly! Red shoe dreams: shattered.

Just when I was about to give up the dream of the beautiful red shoe, I got a call from shoe boy again. He had my shoes! Apparently the Nordstrom buyers contacted Joan and David themselves and actually got me the last pair in existence. Now that is customer service at it’s finest!

So I now have my coveted red shoe (and by the time I got them the price had been reduced even more AND I had Nordstrom vouchers, so I ended up getting them for $4.60!)

I have had so many great experiences with the customer service at Nordstrom but this one tops them all. I wish more businesses would adopt Nordstrom’s dedication to customer service. I’m always baffled when I encounter bad customer service or a rude employee. It’s like, you know I’m giving you money, right??? Happy customers =  more $$$, duh. It’s not rocket science.

The Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale for women and kids is on NOW, so you can go find your own must-have item and/or shoe boy and create your own Nordstrom tales. And I’m already stalking my next (miniature) shoe.

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