Motivating Mondays: Stairs!

13 Jun

Attention lazy people: it’s time to ditch the elevator and start taking the stairs! Have you seen this video? It’s awesome. 

I love taking the stairs. Not only is it faster, it’s good exercise. It cracks me up that people will jump on the stair machine at the gym, yet take the elevator to get there. What?! There is a stair machine at every subway, two story house and apartment building, and yet you only opt to take it at your $150/month gym?

Modern life is convenient for a lot of things. Our waistline is not one of them.

Just because the elevator is easier, does not make it better. Plus, have you ever been stuck in one? Not fun. I’ve never heard of someone getting stuck on the stairs. But if you have, please let me know because that is hilarious.

So think twice next time you push that elevator button. (You don’t want to get stuck.)


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