Random Rec Wednesday: Chegg.com for cheap textbooks!

22 Jun

For anyone who has experienced the maddening and bankrupting ordeal of buying textbooks, things just got a little bit easier. For us and Mother Earth. Yes, Mother Earth (more on that later).

I recently discovered the amazing Chegg.com where you can rent textbooks for super cheap. I just started school again, so maybe this isn’t as much something new as it is  Tricia is last to hear about everything. In any case, Chegg has already saved me tens of dollars! (I just discovered the site, so cut me some slack).

Oh yeah.

Chegg allows you to rent textbooks for a reduced price, because really, how many textbooks are keepers? I’ve rented textbooks before through the campus bookstore and other websites, but as a bona fide bargain shopper, Chegg’s prices are the best I’ve found in the legal robbery  textbook industry. How many times have you shelled out every dead president in your wallet for a book, just to sell it back for pennies a few months later?! I was once offered 50 cents for a book during a buyback.

Gee thanks, Mister! Now I can go to a double feature and buy popcorn and snickers!

If it was 1923.

With Chegg, not only can you get your books on the cheap, they also include free return shipping, and every time you rent Chegg plants a tree! They’ve already planted five million trees through their partnership with American Forest Global ReLeaf Foundation. How cool is that?

I can wait to turn the tens of dollars I’ve saved into hundreds. Or more.

So if you’re a starving student, check out Chegg.com!

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