Random Rec Wednesday: Kendal Wedge at Payless!

3 Aug

I have been on the hunt for some basic shoes – a cute cork wedge and some fun black peep toe pumps. (I tried to fix mine and got superglue on them instead 😦 )

You’d think it would be easy. As easy as finding oranges and apples at the grocery store. Of course they will have simple wedges and pumps at the shoe store.

WRONG. Funky and crazy shoes everywhere.  I love funky and crazy, but what’s a girl to do when she needs some basics?

Well, I finally found some cute wedges. They are the American Eagle Kendal Knot Wedge from Payless. Check them out here : Payless Kendal Wedge

I found them on Tricia’s feet and immediately went to buy them. I know, very single white female of me, but Trish and I aren’t the kind of girls that are like “OMG you’re totally biting off of me!”

Love me.............................

We’re more like, “Oh, thanks! I got them on sale.  You’re going to want to download this coupon here. Then go to the one in Santa Monica. Mmhmm. Great selection. And parking is free. Talk to Tina. Super cute redhead. She’ll take you to the appropriate aisle and they should be about halfway down.”

Sharing is caring, right?

Anyway they are super cute and comfortable. They also come in white, denim, brown and red! And they are only $24.99.

The first day I wore them, a lady complimented me. She also asked where I got them and when. I bet she went right out and bought them too.

So thanks, Trish for letting us bite off of you.

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