Random Rec Wednesday: Kate Spade Online Sample Sale!

31 Aug

Have you ever been to a sample sale?

Well if you haven’t, be sure to get your tetanus shot first. I went to an Ella Moss sample sale once and I was practically murdered when  a new rack of clothes was placed in front of me.

Take the dress! But spare me my life!

Also be sure to clear your schedule. I had to drive to some warehouse that was probably the scene of many Dateline crimes and wait in a line that curved around the block, just to get my hands on some discounted scoop neck tees.

No, thanks. I love a bargain, but I also love my life.

But I make an exception for is the Kate Spade Sample Sale. It’s going on now and its up to 75% off!


I know! How can you beat that?

The best bags go fast, but don’t worry there is absolutely no clawing involved.

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Hey losers! Another sale is going on!

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