Random Rec Wednesday: Revlon Crazy Shine

7 Sep

I ran across this nail buffer on accident and now I’m in love! As the name states, it not only buffs your nails but gives them shine. Crazy shine. It creates so much shine that it actually gives the illusion of clear nail polish (without the hazardous smell. Yay!).

Here’s why I love it:

1. I’m really sensitive to nail filing and harsh buffers, but this is crazy gentile.

2. The product packaging says results last for three days, but in my experience it lasted over a week.

3. It gives the illusion of freshly manicured nails without actually having to get a professional manicure.

4. If you paint your nails after buffing with Revlon Crazy Shine, the shine remains on your nails even after you remove the nail polish. And maybe it’s just me, but my nailpolish seemed to last longer and was more resistant to chipping after using the buffer.

The only other time I was so impressed with a nail buffer was when I got roped in to a mall kiosk selling ‘high quality’ nail buffers. The unrelenting salesman grabbed my hand and buffed one nail. It looked fabulous, and I was tempted  but I didn’t want to pay $20 for a nail buffer. What to do? It was like when the evil witch tries to tempt Snow White with a shiny red apple.

Buy Revlon’s nail buffer for less than $4. That way you can avoid Persistant Paul at the mall kiosk and save money.

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