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Motivating Monday: SNL Mom Translator

31 Oct

We can’t exactly send candy to your inbox, so we thought we’d go for a laugh instead. This is one of my family’s favorite SNL commercials. I swear this commercial was made with my parents in mind. Maybe yours too.

Happy Ha-lloween! (Sorry, had to.)


Last Minute Halloween Costumes from TV and Movies

27 Oct

So you’re trying to branch out from the stereotypical sexy costume.  Or more specifically, the sexy occupation category.

I’m a sexy nurse, sexy angel, sexy teacher, sexy architect, sexy janitor, sexy murderer!

Sexy is fine if you’re of age. I heard someone say recently,

“You’re old enough for a sexy costume when you are too old to trick-or-treat.”


But what about just a cute costume? I want to be Minnie Mouse, mostly because I have yellow heels that I never get to wear and the sparkly headband from Disneyland. But I was horrified at the ready-made costumes. One even had a video in which Minnie advertised that you could see her butt cheeks.

What?! Way to ruin my childhood. I hope this isn’t the same Minnie I took a picture with in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle! (Cry into Mom’s fanny pack.)

I want to be a cute Minnie Mouse,  not a Sexy Hooker Minnie Mouse. She’s a married woman. I quickly realized I’d have to make my own costume, but the only examples I like are BABY costumes!

Seriously, how cute is this costume?

Whatever. This baby is stylish and I am following her lead.

Below are more costume ideas from TV shows and Movies. Don’t worry some are sexy costumes and some are not. There is something for everyone. And please feel free to share your own ideas!

1. Mean Girls.

If you’ve got two blondes and a brunette, this is a great costume. It’s making fun of the sexy costume while also being a sexy costume. This way when some snob asks,

“Oh my gosh, are you seriously a sexy cat?”

Then you point at your two friends and say,

“Um, no. We’re Mean Girls. Like from the movie?”

And then you make out with her boyfriend, because hey, you’re in character!

2. Little Miss Sunshine.

Hello. How cute is she? If I had red cowboy boots, I’d totally do this.

3. Black Swan, White Swan

So pretty! This is from American Apparel. You can add a tiara too.

4. Daria

How cool is she? This is a great costume for a Brunette. And if you have a Blonde/orange-haired friend she could be Quinn!

5. Pop Stars- Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, K$sha, Jelena.

I was Katy Perry last year and it was really fun. I’ve been trying to convince my boyfriend to be Jelena with me and he keeps saying,

“Grown men can’t be Justin Bieber for Halloween.”

Then in the same sentence he says he wants to be Cookie Monster. You tell me which costume’s more immature.

6. Toddlers and Tiaras

You will need a few of the following: a ridiculous poofy costume, tiara, a contestant number, a sash, a trophy, big Texas hair, too much makeup, a creepy glassy-eyed look,  a baton or something else to signify a weird talent. This would also make a great group costume!

7. A cancelled TV show like The Playboy Club

Also making fun of the sexy costume while being a sexy costume. So when a snob says,

“Oh my gosh, are you seriously a Playboy bunny?

Then you can say,

“Um actually, I am the cancelled TV show, The Playboy Club.”

Then you point to the cancelled stamp you drew on your face, or the cancelled sign on your back. Then you call your agent because hey, you’re unemployed now!

8. Extreme Couponer

I’ll admit, I’m not sure how to pull this one off, but it would be awesome. Maybe dress like a soccer mom, carry coupons, and get a few pictures of you diving in dumpsters? Rent a U-Haul for your purchases? Push around a cart full of Mitchum Deodorant that you’ll never use? I don’t know.

There’s always Sexy Extreme Couponer, right?

9. 2 Broke Girls

Who doesn’t relate to being broke? Also, it’s a great duo costume. Actually, you might need a partner for this one. Otherwise you’re just One Broke Girl. And that’s just sad. 😦

And remember, if you can’t find an appropriate costume, you can always model yours after a baby.

Seriously, how cute is this costume?!

What are your costume ideas?

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Random Rec Wednesday:

26 Oct

I just discovered and I don’t know how I’ve survived without it. Where was this site circa 1998 when I was rocking goopy hair mascara and over-accentuated lipliner? 

Why is awesome:

 1. Product reviews from real people (as opposed to fake people).

Users log in and review every product you can imagine. Search products by highest rated, most reviewed, best value, newest, etc.

2. The rating system is denoted by a lipstick icon rather than the traditional (aka boring) star system.

“This eye shadow only got 2 ½ lipsticks? No thanks!”

3. They have Message Boards

Makeup Message Boards, you ask? Each board contains dialogue related to a specific subject related to beauty or lifestyle (i.e. bath and body, fragrance, hair care, nail care, cosmetic procedures, fitness, fashion, food…you get the idea). Members can dish on their advice or tips about beauty and lifestyle issues. An exception to the ‘don’t talk to strangers’ rule. Talk to strangers! They may save you heart brake, money, and your dignity (see: lipliner, above).

4. It’s cheap!

The site itself (and membership) is FREE, and the products reviewed range from the very low-end to the I’m-probably-going-to-overdraft-my-bank-account-but-I-need-this-face-cream. Hello, it got 5 lipsticks!

5. They have a swap system

Users can put items up on the swap board to (you guessed it) swap with other members. One girls trash is another girls treasure…or however that saying goes.

6. They fundraise for good causes

The MakeupAlley Angles Campaign is currently accepting donations for the Crisis Nursery, Inc. to help children and teen victims of abuse. Their goal is to raise 18,000k by the end of the year, so do your good deed for the day and donate!

You can join MakeupAlley here and thank me later.

You’re welcome!

Motivating Monday: New Habits

24 Oct

“Make today your day to start that uncomfortable new habit.”

–Jack Canfield

Seriously. Pick something you’ve been trying to change and take that first step. I know I have a list of bad habits I’d like to kick. And everytime I devote my attention to fixing a bad habit, as opposed to beating myself up over one, I make progress.

So stop dwelling on your bad habits and replace them with good ones.

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Motivating Monday: More Girls in Video Games!

17 Oct

If you think writing letters and voicing your opinions won’t make a difference, check out this article from, called Puck Yeah!

Fourteen-year-old Lexi Peters wrote to the CEO of EA Sports to voice her frustrations on the lack of female characters in video games.

Much to her surprise, not only did they listen to her, they created a female character that looks like her!

I love this.

Most video games are male dominated and if they have a female character it’s Barbie with a gun- a blonde with a miniature waist and huge boobs.

Who looks like that?!

I played video games growing up and  it was always awkward when there were multiple girl players and we all had to fight over who was going to be Chun Li or the Pink Power Ranger. Maybe girls would be more into video games if there were more female player options.

Then again, I’d still want to be Chun Li.