Random Rec Wednesday: MakeupAlley.com

26 Oct

I just discovered MakeupAlley.com and I don’t know how I’ve survived without it. Where was this site circa 1998 when I was rocking goopy hair mascara and over-accentuated lipliner? 

Why MakeupAlley.com is awesome:

 1. Product reviews from real people (as opposed to fake people).

Users log in and review every product you can imagine. Search products by highest rated, most reviewed, best value, newest, etc.

2. The rating system is denoted by a lipstick icon rather than the traditional (aka boring) star system.

“This eye shadow only got 2 ½ lipsticks? No thanks!”

3. They have Message Boards

Makeup Message Boards, you ask? Each board contains dialogue related to a specific subject related to beauty or lifestyle (i.e. bath and body, fragrance, hair care, nail care, cosmetic procedures, fitness, fashion, food…you get the idea). Members can dish on their advice or tips about beauty and lifestyle issues. An exception to the ‘don’t talk to strangers’ rule. Talk to strangers! They may save you heart brake, money, and your dignity (see: lipliner, above).

4. It’s cheap!

The site itself (and membership) is FREE, and the products reviewed range from the very low-end to the I’m-probably-going-to-overdraft-my-bank-account-but-I-need-this-face-cream. Hello, it got 5 lipsticks!

5. They have a swap system

Users can put items up on the swap board to (you guessed it) swap with other members. One girls trash is another girls treasure…or however that saying goes.

6. They fundraise for good causes

The MakeupAlley Angles Campaign is currently accepting donations for the Crisis Nursery, Inc. to help children and teen victims of abuse. Their goal is to raise 18,000k by the end of the year, so do your good deed for the day and donate!

You can join MakeupAlley here and thank me later.

You’re welcome!


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  1. Anonymous March 1, 2012 at 11:31 am #

    Just stay away from the boards if you are white, straight, American, a parent, over forty, and have any religious beliefs whatsoever. Other than that, the site itself is fairly informative, if you can get past the reviews consisting of such gems as “IT SUX.”

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