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Talia Joy Castenallo

15 Aug

When I was 13, I was experimenting with unblended lip liner and goopy body glitter and my biggest worry was wondering if I was going to asked to dance at the Winter Ball.


At 13, Talia Joy Castellano is not only a makeup prodigy who does a mean smokey eye, she is also light years cooler than I was at 13/will ever be. Talia is the most vibrant and upbeat specimen I have seen despite the fact that she is fighting an aggressive form of cancer called neuroblastoma.

When chemo caused her hair to fall out she experimented with wigs but wearing them made her feel like she wasn’t herself. So she ditched the wigs, embraced her bald head and made her motto: bald is beautiful.


Bald IS beautiful!

Instead, she uses makeup and beauty products to feel beautiful, although her beauty is much deeper than her flawless liquid liner.

Waah waah.

She uploads video tutorials to her YouTube channel and she has a ton of followers and supporters. I dare you to watch one video and not feel uplifted. Her energy is contagious and she refuses to let her cancer make her a Debbie Downer.

Talia is a great reminder not to sweat the small stuff and to remain positive, even when the glass appears half empty.

Watch Talia’s videos here and follow her on twitter @TaliaJoy18. Find out more about donating blood and/or blood products for those in need here and join the bone marrow registry here!