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What Do You Think About Dating A Friend’s Ex?

25 Jul

Dear Losers,

What do you think about dating a friend’s ex? This is a huge issue at my high school!

Zoe, 17

Dear Reader,

Well for starters, AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS!

Have you ever seen Gossip Girl?

Of course you have. Don’t you find it ridiculous that the series regulars all date each other as if there is no one else on the planet, or Manhattan? And don’t you find it creepy that they rarely make a big deal about it? Lets take the Nate/Blair/Serena triangle.

Nate dates Blair, cheats on her with Serena, gets back together with Blair. Then Nate dates Serena. They have a hot makeout scene on a kitchen counter, then break up. Nate forgets there are more then two women on earth, so he falls back in love with Blair, buys her a penthouse apartment and asks her to move in with him. Blair is creeped out and confused, and she (spoiler alert) BREAKS UP WITH HIM. Then Nate is back to Serena, but she’s already in the Hamptons with his cousin. Who is married.

And somehow, through all this Boyfriend Hot Potato, B and S remain best friends.

No one on the show so much as whispers, Umm, this is freaking awkward…!!! Rather, it’s as if Serena and Blair find it amusing. I wouldn’t be surprised if they started a betting pool for Nate’s next move.

Serena: I’m going to say Nate hits on you by noon on Sunday.
Blair: No way! He just bought me a loft in Soho last episode. I’m putting down $50 that Nate proposes to you by midnight.

Unfortunately, things are rarely this simple and amicable in real life. Though that’s not to say they never are. I know some people that have dated a friend’s ex and all parties were mature about it and remained besties. But you can’t guarantee that, so don’t go jeopardizing friendships left and right just because you want a boyfriend, any boyfriend.

Merry- Go- Round dating works in Gossip Girl for a few very specific reasons.

a.) It’s a soap opera

b.) They need to use their series regulars, so obvi they are all going to end up dating each other.

c.) As viewers,we find these love triangles, or love octagons, entertaining. (Until we don’t, and then the show gets cancelled.) And…

d.) They throw in guest stars every so often, so we don’t think it’s too gross. And so Nate has someone new to date for a few episodes.

But you’re not Gossip Girl. So avoid starring in your own soap opera, and find some new boys/guest stars. I know it’s hard in high school, but go to another high school’s party. Get friendly at a football game. Hang out at a different Chili’s.

If worst comes to worst, and you still can’t deny your feelings for that “series regular”, well then do what you must. But keep it classy and talk to your friend about dating her ex. Because we all know how embarrassing it is to get a text from Gossip Girl first….

Uh Oh. Looks like S borrowed B’s bracelet. And stole B’s boyfriend……

You know you love me.


Gossip Girl