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Motivating Monday: National Ice Cream Day!

18 Jul

Okay it was yesterday. So Happy Belated National Ice Cream Day!

I haven’t cashed in on this excuse to eat ice cream yet, but I am going to.

In honor of this sacred holiday I thought I’d share my favorite ice creams and okay fine, some healthier options too.

1. The Oreo shake at Jack n the Box.  Anytime I mention the JB Oreo Shake people get excited, as if I just told them I love their favorite obscure Swedish band. The Oreo Shake just garners enthusiasm. This is my favorite milkshake, fast food or not. ( Their new Mint Oreo version is supposed to be amazing too, but I haven’t tried it. )

2. Haagen Daaz Dulce de Leche. If you’re a caramel enthusiast like me, you will appreciate this ice cream. It is so so good. It reminds of high school and happy taste buds.

3. Trader Joes Coffee Bean Blast ice cream. This is SO good and not low in calories and fat.  In additions to being a caramel enthusiast, I am a coffee ice cream enthusiast and this is the BEST. It’s soft, creamy and flavorful.  And it’s amazing paired with freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. (Don’t worry, the healthy tips are coming soon.)

4. Skinny Cow. These are SO good and low in calories and fat.  My favorite are the Chocolate Truffle bars or the Vanilla with Caramel Cones. They taste a lot like soft serve. And who doesn’t like soft serve? (Cut to: Angry comments on this post about how I’ve offended everyone who doesn’t like soft serve.)

5. Artic Zero. 150 calories a pint. Did you do a double take too? I just read about this in Glamour magazine. (Full article here) Apparently it’s a frozen protein shake that tastes like ice cream. I’ll take it. http://www.myarcticzero.com/

6. A awesome tip from Self Magazine that I wish I had thought of: “Our favorite way to enjoy ice cream in the summer is to top it with superfoods! Snacking on almonds daily can help you shed up to 62 percent more weight. Dark chocolate is loaded with phytochemicals that can increase HDL (“good”) cholesterol. Top any frozen snack with a cup of blueberries and you’ll get 3.6 grams of fiber. ”

Now go enjoy your ice cream!  And throw some blueberries on it.

What’s your favorite ice cream?